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      Product Description  
      Technical Specification  

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage door Logel

Sectional garage doors are designed for installation in private or in public garages and parking lots.

Materials for sectional garage doors

Sectional garage door is made of "sandwich" panels consisting of two 0.5mm outer layers of deep galvanized steel and polyurethane foam core with a total thickness of 40 mm.

Advantages of sectional garage doors

Die Konstruktion und das Material aus dem die Sektional Garagentore gemacht sind, bieten:

  • Very good insulation;
  • Protection from adverse weather conditions - moisture, dust, insects;
  • Protection against unauthorized intrusion into the garage (breaking, theft);
  • Prevent the risk of injury (pinched) fingers when closing the door;
  • On opening sectional garage door does not occupy additional space or the garage.

Certificates of Origin
  • Sectional garage doors are manufactured in size and configuration specified by the customer.
  • The parts which are produced for all sectional garage doors imported from the EU that meet all the requirements of European standards.
LOGEL Ltd. sectional garage doors are tested in the laboratory notified by the registry of the European Commission and have CE marking. All the tests have achieved excellent results in full compliance with the requirements of the harmonized standard EN 13241 – 1.

RAL colours
RAL coloring

All standard sectional garage doors are available in white and "golden oak" with a striped print. The doors can be painted in any RAL color up on request.


For all standard sectional garage doors include:
  • Safety Edge: Stop the closure of a sectional garage door when encountering obstacles - one subject and more.
  • Panels construction type preventing finger pinching.

Garage doors Logel

Garage doors Logel

Options for garage doors

1. The sectional garage door color can be made up on request form the client;
2. Windows fitting can be made in either rectangular or oval shape;
3. Drive through electrical engine (motor) shaft located;
4. External security lock unit for the engine;
5. Photoelectric sensors to secure closing of the garage door.

More about construction, operation and technical specification of sectional garage doors can be found HERE
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