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      Technical Specification  
      Product Description  
      Technical Specification  

Sectional Garage Doors

Construction, operation, performance

Construction principle

Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space. This constructional principle means you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage for parking.

  • Sectional garage door is made of "sandwich" panels consisting of two outer layers of deep galvanized steel and polyurethane foam core with a total thickness of 40 mm;
  • Sealed all round to provide flexibility by being weather resistant to keep out the wind and the rain, can easily accommodate slight irregularities in the floor.
  • Metal structure (rails, profiles) is made of steel deep galvanized providing reliable operation without the occurrence of corrosion.
  • Torsion springs balance the weight of sectional garage doors and provide smooth operation.
  • The guiding rollers are made of high polyamide, which ensures high durability and quiet operation.

Dimensions and fitting data

Dimensions and fitting data

Dimensions and fitting data

Mounting the sectional garage doors require the following dimension:
  • Column width (LS, RS): columns (tooth) on both sides of the opening space to have a minimum width of 100 mm;
  • Height F: girder (distance above the structural opening) is at least 250 mm
  • In Depth D: The required space from the ceiling which has to be free from, pipes, tubes, ducts, etc.. and equal to the height of the opening space (H) + 500 mm ;
  • Columns and Grids must be at the same level.


Sectional garage doors operation

  • Manually – sectional garage door is operated manually using a balanced torsion spring;
  • Automatic - sectional garage door is operated by electric motor with remote control, with high standard mechanism for the engine and manual control in case of power failure.

Technical characteristics of sectional garage doors

Standard of production

CE (EN 13241-1)

Panel depth

40 mm

Panel content

Polyurethane foam

Rails and profiles

Galvanized, Aluminum

Wind load

Class 1

Water sealing

Class 2

Coefficient of thermal conductivity

3,26 W/m2.°K

Noise ratio

24 dB

Electricity power Supply

230/400 V


white or "golden oak"

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