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      Product Description  
      Technical Specification  

Insulated sectional doors

Insulated sectional doors

Insulated sectional doors are an ideal solution for any industrial premises, warehouses, factories, garages, automotive service centers and more.

Advantages of industrial sectional doors

  • Made of high quality materials that ensure long life
  • Easy to use / operate
  • Industrial sectional doors save space inside and outside the premises
  • Require a minimum level of maintenance
  • Insulated sectional doors save energy for heating and improve working conditions
  • Manufactured individually based on the DLO (day light opening) dimensions, require a minimal preparation for assembling at the sight
  • Insulated sectional doors are reliable and secure
Insulated sectional doors

Sectional Doors. Origin and Certificates

Industrial sectional doors are manufactured from high quality materials imported from the EU. Our partners and suppliers of sectional doors components are leading panels and hardware producers from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany and others. The materials used are calculated with specialized software for manufacturing, which ensures maximum functionality and safety.

Insulated sectional doors with brand LOGEL meet all European standards for quality and safety. This is certified by the Declaration of Conformity issued under the harmonized standard EN 13241 and based on test reports from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden as well as СЕ-marking.


Technical details and options

More about construction and technical specification of insulated sectional doors can be found HERE

Information about the available options for personalizing insulated sectional doors can be found HERE

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